Data Collection Review

Data and records pertaining to academics and discipline were collected and analyzed for the 2015-2016 school year. Surveys, county assessments, discipline records and STAR data were among the results reviewed.

Teachers who participated in the Follow the Lead (FTL) program with a School Dog during the 2015-2016 school year were surveyed anonymously. They were asked to rank their classrooms on academics, participation, inclusion, stress levels, discipline, implementation of FTL and overall environment. The data was collected and analyzed electronically using a digital survey application.

County assessment data was pulled by Elmore County Board of Education’s curriculum staff and provided for analysis. These assessments included county pre and posttest results from classrooms utilizing FTL and classrooms with traditional classroom management techniques. County pre and posttests are administered on a quarterly basis and uniform throughout the county based on grade and subject level.

STAR data, results from assessment tools by Renaissance Star 360, were also provided and analyzed. The administration of these tests are regulated by the Board of Education and administered to all students who are instructed on grade level. The assessment results are scaled and scored according to each student’s growth. The student growth is then ranked and compared to the national average of students in the same grade and subject level. Classroom average Student Growth Percentiles were also analyzed.

School Discipline records were reviewed. There were no discipline infractions that warranted teacher “write-ups” or office referrals.